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What to Keep in Mind

Rings, shoes, and accessories are almost all items that will continue to exist in the lives of your couple for years to come, long after the wedding day has come and gone. These are often items of high sentimental value and should be treated, photographed and styled in a way that reflects their importance — grandma's wedding band, dad's watch, etc.

From a financial standpoint these items can be very expensive. Some people express their love through the value of gifts given. It is important to assume all people are like this and shoot all the accessories as if each one was priceless family heirloom.  

Accessories should be shot together, styled as a group, and individually, each item on their own. 


Engagement rings and wedding bands should be shot together. Advise the couple ahead of time to hang on to the ring box, and bring the rings in the ring boxes. Shoot the rings both inside the ring box and on top of the ring box. Make sure both the ring and the jeweller name are visible. The boxes are important. Some boxes, like Tiffany & Co. and the Mrs Box are iconic in their design and should be included in the images we send to our couples. If the rings have an inscription, make sure to photograph the inscription using a macro lens. 

Most engagement rings have gemstones. Make sure to shoot the rings in the proper light to emphasize the clarity and colour of any gems.

Avoid Cliches

Keep it simple. Avoid cliches such as putting the rings on top of flowers, unless the flower is exceptionally interesting or an integral part of the decor theme.  Don't shoot the accessories on the hotel chair or a nearby bed. You're better than that. Find creative solutions. Remember the color theme and see if you can incorporate elements of the styled decor. If you need to, take the items to another nearby location and shoot them there. Don't leave the premises. Do not lose the rings, for the love of all things. If you need to, if the opportunity arises, get the rings from the bride and groom after the ceremony and shoot them all together.




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