Groom Prep

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What to Keep in Mind


How To Prep the Client

  • Ask them to keep the room tidy and for it to be tidy upon arrival.
  • Let them know ahead of time that the groom needs to get prepped near the window. 

Shot List

  • ENVIRONMENTAL establishing shot of prep room
  • EXT shot of location, with waiting groom/groomsmen, if significant
  • GROOM pulling up his socks
  • GROOM doing up his shirt cuffs
  • BEST MAN helping groom put his tie on
  • GROOM writing a letter to his bride
  • GROOM checking his watch
  • GROOM holding his cufflinks
  • GROOM putting on corsage, or mother putting it on for him
  • ACTIVITIES such as smoking cigars, taking a shot, shaving beard/head, getting a haircut


Here are a selection of images to use as examples.