52 Dates with 52 Women

Part of my 100 Things Challenge list. The goal is to ask out enough women that 52 of them say yes and we go out on those dates. These can first dates or second dates from previous first dates, but the idea is to put my self out there. I’m “on the market” as they say, so I need to actually go out on dates if I’m going to meet someone to share my life with.

Current Count = 1/52

The rules of this challenge are as follows:

  1. I must be the person asking for the date. I'm horrible and riddled with a huge fear of rejection, so I just have to get used to hearing "no" and ask another wonderful woman out. This will be made further difficult by the fact that I am a very
  2. No dates for the sake of meeting the challenge. I must only ask women out who I would actually be interesting in dating. It has to be a real date, not a friend date, and it has to have potential for a second date. Otherwise, it's just not fair to either of us.

If I do meet someone and decide to remove this item from the list, as per the rules of the challenge, this individual challenge must be replaced by a new challenge. I'm definitely hoping that, at some point this year, I can remove this challenge from my list and replace it with something else.

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