Nature Photography at Eramosa Karst

Today's self-guided project was to take some nature photos. About 10 minutes from my house in Hamilton is a conservation area I had never been to called Eramosa Karst. What is a karst? I had to look it up, too! I grabbed my camera, jumped in the car and took a two-hour hike around the park -- on the trails, off the trails, and even getting myself down into a small cave window to get an interesting shot you will see below.

I haven't done a lot of nature photography, so I wanted to experiment and play around a little bit. I think the best thing to do when out shooting is just to have fun, look for shots that guide your eye, and capture the things that interest you. Your photos don't have to be brilliant -- I know mine aren't amazing -- so just have fun and see what comes of it. I didn't have a trail map, so I just wandered around the park and snapped away.

Below are 12 photos from my trip today. I took almost 150 frames and these are the ones I like the most. Enjoy!