Life is What Happens

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. So said John Lennon and so it has been for me, which is why I have not updated this blog since Feb. 1. What happened to the 100 Things Challenge? How is the Body Challenge going? Where have you been? Let's start with the last one, as it leads into explanations for the other two. In February, only three weeks after I adopted Winston, I went to North Carolina for 11 days. Damn, I love North Carolina! It's beautiful and the people are great in the areas I visit. I'm already there at least once a year for the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, but I'd love to go for a visit more often. Maybe when I learn to paraglide, I'll head down to Kittyhawk for a couple of weeks.

I also just came back from my first trip to the Boston area. I spent most of my time in Cambridge, as I was shooting photos for Geek Week Boston at the ImprovBoston comedy club. One of my best friends, Zach Ward, is the managing director there and it's great to be able to spend time with him, help him out and enjoy some great comedy. Highlights of that festival were a bunch of amazing stand-up comedians that I saw, the hosts of Those Fucking Teenagers and Overthinking It podcasts doing an amazing show, and a PowerPoint presentation on Lycanosis delivered by an aspiring epidemiologist that was as well researched as it was hilarious.

As far as the 100 Things Challenge goes, so far I have accomplished all of one thing: adopting a dog. If you decide to do a challenge of your own, don't make "adopt a dog" the first thing you do; save it for the last thing you do, as a reward, because it is as rewarding as it is challenging. I've only been on a few dates this year, so I'm really falling behind on that one. This area is looking quite promising at the moment, though, so I'm quite content.

Adopting a dog is hell on your schedule, initially. Now that we've got a routine under control, I'd really like to get back to the gym, start getting back in shape, and get back on track with the Body Challenge. Before I adopted Winston, I was at the gym six days a week. Since adopting Winston, I've been to the gym about six times total. Because I was working on building muscle, I had started eating carbs again. When I stopped going to the gym, I didn't stop eating carbs. I've started to get a little pudgy again, although my weight is stabilized around the 198-204 lbs. range. There is definitely more fat and less muscle. I need to get back to the gym, since I really loved going.

One of the other major issues has been a lot of change and instability with my company since January. We ran a deal on LivingSocial in March that only just got the cheque for recently and we've done a few corporate gigs that still have payments outstanding. Those delays had become a financial burden, but good things are on the horizon and we're moving forward. I've just filed my articles of incorporation tonight and ITC is soon to be a completely separate legal entity from me.

We had to move from our home at Comedy Bar due to an agreement the owners made that caused my company to be in conflict of interest for them. We started doing weekly shows at Clinton's Tavern that have been very successful and a ton of fun. Oliver Georgiou has been fantastic as the host for those shows.

We've just held auditions and two new Harold teams and two great Incubator teams have come out of it. I wish I could put everyone on a Harold team, but the reality is that it just isn't possible or feasible. I'll be back on stage with the new team Congress in June, joining my good friends Matt Folliott and Kevin Williams, alongside a couple of great gals. I'm excited to be back onstage and even more excited to be doing Harolds again.

We've got a couple of new IMPROV 101 classes starting in a couple of weeks that are filling up quickly. I'm sure they'll be selling out and things will be moving ahead throughout the rest of the spring and into the summer months. It's been a tough and turbulent year so far, but I'm definitely coming out of it a much stronger person.