Pupdate #5: Winston Missed Me

This is what I came home to after our shows last night: Winston in his bed

On Monday night, when I got home from teaching an improv class, Winston had taken one of my scarves from the back of a kitchen chair and dragged it to his bed. I didn't think to take a photo at the time. When I got home last night, because I had made sure not to leave any of my scarves or other clothing out, he snagged a tea towel, that usually hangs from a lower kitchen cabinet and which I use to dry my hands, and took it to his bed. This time, I did think to snap a photo. Adorable, right?!

Anyhow, I'm doing better. His night walks are still a struggle, but his daytime walks are improving a lot. He likes to stand on his back legs and put his arms on my lap and belly when I'm working. He's too big to sit in my lap when I'm at my desk, and his long Corgi body makes it hard for him to jump up. He's also getting used to just hanging out in the apartment during the day, instead of having to take my focus. He has a couple of toys that keep him occupied (a small peanut butter scented tennis ball and a small, red fire hose).

As for me, I'm learning to become more patient with him, and adjust my schedule to suit his needs. I expect there are still going to be some anxious times ahead in which I think he's better off elsewhere, and that may or may not be true, but a number of people have talked me down off the ledge and I'm working on complete integration.

Status: Less doubt about keeping him.

The Toys I Mentioned:

Dog Toy - Beyond Tough Tennis Balls

Dog Toy: Stretch-n-Fetch Fire Hose