Become a Solo Certified Skydiver

Part of my 100 Things Challenge:

At Canada's Wonderland, there is a ride called the Drop Zone -- named after the Wesley Snipes movie about skydiving crooks (like Point Break, but in the air) -- that I have been on twice. The first time I was super excited to go on it until it started to drop. I froze with fear so much that I couldn't even move or make a sound. The second time, I went at night and didn't look at the ground; it was just as bad.

You'll this challenge is not "go skydiving." It is to become a solo certified skydiver. This is the biggest challenge for my to get over my fear of heights.

Here are the prerequisites to becoming certified:

  • Performed one solo freefall delay greater than 30 seconds
  • Performed one 5 second solo freefall delay from 4000 feet
  • Completed 3 self-spotted (unassisted) jumps with controlled self-guided canopy landings to within 50 meters of the target
  • Demonstrated in freefall, belly to earth, a figure 8 turn (360 degree turns in both directions)
  • Performed one "Ride the Slide" exit (sitting exit with back towards propeller) for 5 seconds prior to rotating back to belly to earth
  • Under canopy, demonstrate a canopy stall and recovery (above 2000 feet)
  • Completed theĀ Solo Checkout Jump Endorsement
  • Completed the Reserve Procedures Endorsement
  • Completed theĀ Emergency Procedures Review - Solo
  • Accumulated 10 jumps and a minimum of 3 minutes of freefall with stable activation at the prescribed altitude on the last five jumps
  • Correctly answer all Solo test questions

I think after my first jump I will either: (a) be hooked, (b) have to replace this challenge with something like ride a bull, or (c) be dead. I'm shooting for (a), thank you very much.

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