Dinner Party Project #1: The Strangers

The date for the first dinner party has been set-- Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 -- and the invitation has been sent via Facebook. The idea behind this particular dinner party, the first of at least 12 to be held this year, is to bring five complete strangers together for dinner at my place. Well, that's the idea anyway. As large as my circle of friends and associates is, it's a really tight circle of people who all seem to know each other. I also want to have a balance of three gents and three ladies. The three ladies have been invited. Myself and one other gent will be attending and I am currently trying to find a third who doesn't know any of the four other guests. It might have to come down to knowing who they are but not really having spoken to them at all.

The ball is rolling. This is going to be a great party and an amazing year.