Submit 250 Photos to a Stock Photo Website

Part of my 100 Things Challenge list. Last year, I bought a Canon 60D to start shooting comedy videos for the Impatient Theatre Co. That hasn't quite panned out like I had intended, but it did allow me to shoot headshots for more than 30 people in my company and start building a photography portfolio. (I love shooting portraits mostly -- like Rankin -- capturing the essence of someone in a single moment.)

As part of my push to build sources of passive income, I have decided to start uploading some of my work to be licensed and used as stock photography. I'm looking at initially. Not the portraits, but the other stuff: the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains, close-ups of flowers, beach scenes, city skylines, etc. In order to get 250 approved photos in a stock collection, I'm going to have to take a lot of photos and plan for a lot of specific shoots. (I'm likely going to shoot some stock video footage, as well, but I'm starting with the photography.)

The great thing about stock photography, though, is that once the photo is taken, processed and uploaded, it can generate revenue for years to come. The more photos that are in your collection, the more potential revenue you can earn. Passive income, it's the key to a happy life.

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