The Right Scale for the Job

After I dropped the first 50 pounds, I started to shift my focus from weight reduction to body fat reduction. My current body fat percentage is about 27%. If you've seen my 100 Things Challenge for 2012, then you'll know one of my goals is to get down to 9% body fat. Shit. The cool, glass IKEA scale I was using is no longer good enough. It was great for simple weight reduction monitoring, but if I was going to start monitoring my body fat percentage, I was going to need something a little more industrial strength. I needed a scale with biometric impedance analysis.

Since I am an avid iPad, iPhone and Internet user, I went with the Withings WiFi Body Scale. This thing kicks ass! Not only does it have biometric impedance analysis to monitor my lean mass and fat mass, but it connects through my router and reports back to a website that tracks my results, where I can access them via a website, or via free apps on my iPhone and iPad. (Withings also makes a blood pressure monitor that connects to the devices and stores your BP results.)

So, while I haven't really dropped a pound since the first of the month, my body fat percentage has dropped by about 3% already.