About Me Project

I've been thinking about other photo projects to work on other than the slightly narcissistic 365 Selfies project. Of course, I've come up with a another project that is also slightly narcissistic in that it's all about me. In fact, the project is called About Me. The idea is to replace the standard "About Me" write-up with a gallery of photographs that represent who I am -- or at least who I think I am. In order for the project to be successful, I need to approach it with complete honesty with myself in order to maintain the integrity of my work.

"About Me" Project Guidelines:

  • all photos must be original images captured by the photographer himself/herself and cannot be photos of other people's photos
  • photos CANNOT be self portraits and cannot include any photographic representation of the photographer
  • the subject(s) of each photograph should have a direct correlation to the photographer's life
  • photos cannot contain descriptions that describe why the subject(s) is related to the photographer's life; this is to be left open to interpretation
  • photos can have a title that identifies the subject(s) but can still leave its relationship to the photographer open to interpretation

What do you think of this project?

I think this is a great project idea that any photographer can do. I would love to know if this is something you are doing or have done. If so, please share the link to your About Me gallery in the comments below.