Congratulations on
Your Engagement!

Are you adventurous and love spending time together?

Are you happy to be involved in a creative process and go with the flow?

If this is you, we’re going to be a great fit!

We’re looking for newly engaged couples who want some amazing engagement photos and are happy to get dirty, sandy, wet, close and be a little adventurous. This offer is good for couples who love getting outside and are happy to take life as it comes. These engagement session are totally free! Yep, seriously… free. You’ll get dozens of digital images from the session and can purchase albums or artwork if you want.

Why? We’ve found that engagement shoots are great way for couples to test the waters with us and see if we get along. After seeing their images, many couples have gone on to hire us for their wedding. We won’t hard sell you on it. Promise. However, in the spirit of fairness to us, other couples, and our wedding photography colleagues, we only offer these sessions to couples who have not yet hired, or decided on, their wedding photographer.

If this sounds like you and your loved one, and you’re keen to test the waters with us, fill out the form below. (Yes, we know it’s long, but it’s potentially a free shoot in exchange for a few minutes of your time.)

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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